December 31, 2014

Rocket Department’s Top Moments of 2014


by Emma Fletcher

2014 was a big year for us! We became a company, won a hackathon by building an automated cereal machine, shared our projects at Maker Faire, built an interactive 400 sq ft laser game, and most of all met some amazing people in Sacramento by sponsoring local hackathons and community events.

Here are our top moments of 2014. Voted on by you through favoriting our tweets!


10. A sneak peak of our TBD Fest Project Prism Challenge


9. The Startup Weekend Women’s Edition t-shirt with all of the sponsors pictured


8. Promoting some awesome local startup events at The Urban Hive


7. Sharing some of our favorite people to follow in Sacramento


6. Our 6 month anniversary camping retreat! Kaleb isn’t so sure about this whole “selfie” thing.


5. Welcoming DashBar, the Startup Weekend Women’s Edition winner, to The Urban Hive.


4. Sharing part of our new website layout, look for the full version in early 2015!


3. A BIG thank you to all of you!


2. Another awesome startup event at The Urban Hive featuring local women founders


1. The 1st Place Prize we contributed for Startup Weekend Women’s Edition. Congratulations DashBar!

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