June 23, 2014

RC Transmitter 7″ Tablet mounting system


by Kaleb Clark

After adding telemetry radios to the quadcopter, I realized that I needed a way to mount my Nexus 7 somewhere where it is convenient to view while flying. I saw a few similar mounting systems for sale, so I decided that I would design my own to share with the community. The DWG file is available for free on GitHub here, if you have any fixes or updates for this please request a merge.

The “hooks” for holding onto the tablet are a little oversized. I designed it that way to accommodate different styles of cases for your 7″ tablet. Mine is a folding leather case, which when tightened down will hold on to the tablet without the need of extra neoprene.

Parts List

  • 4.5″ X 10″ 6.35mm thick acrylic sheet (1/4″)
  • 6″ of 6.35mm neoprene, sticky back (this can be purchased as door jamb material at hardware stores. May need to trim to 6.35mm)
  • 4x #4-20 metric cap screws
  • 4x #4 metric wing nuts
  • 8x washers for #4 metric cap screws
  • 8x #3-12 metric cap screws
  • 4x #3 metric lock nuts
  • 4x #3-20 metric cap screws

Prep work

There are two cuts we need to make that cannot be done on the laser cutter. These cuts can be variable for the transmitter as well, so its good that we do this to custom fit the transmitter handle.

Measure a centerline vertically on the smallest bits. You will need to file a groove so that the transmitter handle can fit in there. See pic below.



If you have a hard shell type case for your tablet, you may want to add some neoprene, or some type of rubber to the inside edges of the “hooks” so it will not slip out horizontally.

Follow the images here to see how to assemble.

Laser Cut video

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