December 01, 2014

Prism Challenge Tech Overview at Folsom Makers Demo Night

Build, Community

by Emma Fletcher

I was invited to give a technical overview of Prism Challenge at the recent Folsom Makers Demo Night. Prism Challenge is a project that Rocket Department showed at TBDFest in West Sacramento. It was also displayed at the California Auto Museum for their annual fundraising dinner. Prism Challenge is an interactive game where players navigate through a field of lasers (a la Mission Impossible style) to collect a glowing orb at the end. Then they need to navigate their way back with the orb in hand. Each player’s run is timed and a 30 second penalty is added for every laser that is broken by the player during the game.

During my talk at Folsom Makers Demo Night I share the purpose of the project, the supply list (if you want to build your own), general how it works overview and tech specs (focusing on the hadware/software Raspberry Pi and Arduino layer that I developed), the installation process, and some of the challenges we faced. Slides and pictures from the event  below:


Some of the other projects shared during Folsom Makers Demo Night:

Classic Green Car Conversions, Gary Morton

Edison Data Oriented Gateway Engine, Mark Bunney & Dave Buchman

3D Body Scanning for 3D Printing, Gene Chutka

DIY Solar Monitoring with Arduino, Gerrit J Vreman

Build Your Own Kayak, Martin Mortensen

Big thank you to Joey Morguchi for organizing the event and the Entreprenuers Campus of Velocity VC for providing the meeting space. I had a wonderful time sharing some of the more technical aspects of the Prism Challenge project. I look forward to more Folsom Makers meetups in the future.


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