June 01, 2014

printf( “Hello Sacramento!” );


by Emma Fletcher

Three months ago we won a hackathon, Cereal Hack 4. One month later we started our company, Rocket Department, Inc. to help people bring innovative ideas to life in Sacramento, CA.

We are a group of five creative technical minds who met at Sacramento’s Hacker Lab about a year ago. Through various personal projects and volunteer projects with Code for Sacramento we found that not only did we enjoy working with one another but we had complimentary skills that could be applied to build amazing projects.

We helped to make the Sacramento Hashtag Project a reality through an interactive web map. Won AngelHack Sacramento in October 2013 with our conservation calculator app, Leaflr. And then won Cereal Hack 4 in February 2014 with Ready, Set, Cereal! an automated cereal dispenser.

We have received amazing community support from The Urban Hive, Hacker Lab, Public Innovation, Code for America and Code for Sacramento. We are so excited to share our experiences with you as we work to make Sacramento a leading tech hub. Follow our journey on our blog, our websiteFacebook, and Twitter.


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